Audit and Risk Committee

The Board has delegated to this Audit and Risk Committee responsibility for overseeing the financial reporting and internal control of the Group and for maintaining an appropriate relationship with the Company's auditors.

The Committee seeks to encourage and safeguard high standards of integrity, financial reporting, risk management and internal controls.

Its responsibilities include:

Financial reporting related

  • Monitoring the content and integrity of financial reporting; and

  • Reviewing the appropriateness of accounting judgements.

External auditors

  • Reviewing the external auditors; and

  • Recommending the appointment of external auditors to the Board.

Risk and controls related

  • Reviewing the Group's risk and control framework;

  • Reviewing the Group's internal audit function;

  • Reviewing the Group's regulatory reporting procedures and relationships with regulators; and

  • Regularly considering emerging and thematic risks.

Audit and Risk Committee Members

Iain Mackay is the Chair of Audit and Risk Committee

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Iain Mackay

Independent non-executive Director

Rakhi Goss-Custard

Independent non-executive Director

Frederic Wakeman

Independent non-executive Director

Deborah Waterhouse

Independent non-executive Director

Matthew Westerman

Independent non-executive Director