Nominations Committee

Proposing appointments to the Board and recommending any other changes to the Board and its Committees fall within the responsibilities of the Committee.


Other responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing the size and composition of the Board and its Committees;
  • Making recommendations to the Board with respect to the role, capabilities and time commitment for each appointment, giving due consideration to the balance of skills, experience and knowledge on the Board and the benefits of diversity;

  • The procedure for the appointment of new Directors;

  • Selecting and interviewing potential candidates for appointment to the Board and its Committees, for recommendation to the Board;

  • Identifying and recommending suitable candidates for the roles of Chair and Senior Independent Director;

  • Developing and recommending appropriate criteria for Director independence;

  • Ensuring that plans are in place for orderly executive and non-executive succession to the Board;

  • Periodically reviewing the terms of appointment for non-executive Directors; and

  • Conducting an annual review of the Committee's performance, periodically reviewing the adequacy of its terms of reference and recommending any changes to the Board.

Nominations Committee Members

Dame Elizabeth Corley is the Chair of the Nominations Committee

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Dame Elizabeth Corley


Claire Fitzalan Howard

Non-executive Director

Rakhi Goss-Custard

Independent non-executive Director

Ian King

Senior Independent Director

Iain Mackay

Independent non-executive Director

Leonie Schroder

Non-executive Director

Annette Thomas

Independent non-executive Director

Frederic Wakeman

Independent non-executive Director

Deborah Waterhouse

Independent non-executive Director

Matthew Westerman

Independent non-executive Director