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26JUL 2019

Where to find growth amid Asia’s lowered market expectations

How markets are adapting to the current macro landscape.

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17JUL 2019

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10JUL 2019



21JUN 2019

Managers' views

Why we’ve lowered our expectations for emerging markets growth

Craig Botham explains growth downgrades for Brazil and India for this year, and why Russia sees a slight upgrade.

13JUN 2019

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Easier monetary policy is expected to support growth as trade tensions escalate

The headline growth numbers in our latest forecasts have not changed significantly since our last update in February.

04JUN 2019

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The power of disruption and what it means for Asia

The massive disruption seen in US retail is a useful reminder to Asian investors of what the future may hold.


17MAY 2019

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Who will pay as US-China trade tensions intensify?

The GDP impact of escalating trade tensions will be more severe on China but US consumers will pay as companies pass on higher costs.


17APR 2019

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The wall of money heading to Chinese bonds

Schroders explains the significance of the inclusion of Chinese RMB denominated bonds in global indices.


27MAR 2019

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Compelling characteristics of the A-shares market

Gavin Ralston and Kristjan Mee propose a new way of investing in emerging markets to benefit from the opening up of China’s capital markets.

19MAR 2019

Managers' views

Developments in China’s balance of payments and implications for the RMB

Craig Botham and Kristjan Mee examine key developments in China’s balance of payments, and what they mean for investors.