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20NOV 2019

Have we reached a new tipping point in the battle to halt climate change?

The recent UN Climate Action Summit prompted significant commitments by countries, corporations and investors alike. However, more decisive action will be needed to achieve the targets set out in the Paris Agreement.



27AUG 2019

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Infographic: Sustainability Q2 2019

In the latest sustainability report we provide an update on the current and future state of engagement and discuss how industries ranging from fashion, to aviation, to waste, will be transformed.

22AUG 2019

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Is sustainable air travel an electric dream?

The electrification of small planes is an exciting development, but it won’t be anywhere near enough to offset aviation’s hefty carbon footprint.

21AUG 2019

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Have investors missed the real revolution in electric vehicles?

Investors are focused on an anticipated boom in electric cars. The true acceleration in demand is happening elsewhere.

09AUG 2019

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Can Amazon really be a climate change champion?

Amazon is not a company normally associated with meaningful strides towards a low carbon future.


27JUN 2019

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Investors should note the approaching tipping point for renewable energy

Renewable energy may soon put downward, not upward, pressure on energy prices, prompting a much faster move away from fossil fuels.


17APR 2019

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Infographic: Sustainability Report Q1 2019

In the latest sustainability report we provide an update on the current state of play for sugar, and look at the legalisation of cannabis and climate challenges posed by feeding the planet.