Have you planned for a sufficient income stream for a comfortable retirement?

According to our study, over 70% of Hong Kong retirees consider their retirement income inadequate for living comfortably. So, how do you prepare for you and your family?

When should you start planning for your retirement?

Those who had a plan started thinking about retirement at age 43 while those who did not, considered it only at age 59. And you? Let us tell you the difference between planning early and starting late.

60 seconds on the retirement journey

Schroders has a deep understanding of all aspects of the retirement journey and a lengthy history of helping meet the needs of those saving for, or in retirement. Learn about the resources we can offer to you.

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It is time to review whether your portfolio is suitable for the life stage that you are at and adjust your investment strategy.

Remind yourself of the investment choices

Watch the videos to learn about the investment choices relevant to your life stage

Earning and saving

Approaching retirement

Active retirement

If six tailors make six shirts in six hours, how long will it take 100 tailors to make 100 shirts?

Most people get the answer wrong and say 100 hours. Using instinct instead of analysis, your unconscious mind can get things mixed up. We believe that understanding your own mind can help you make better investment decisions. And in case you’re wondering, the answer is six.

Know your own mind.

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