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14AUG 2019

Fed rate cut spurs EMs into action

A wave of rate cuts across the emerging markets is likely, as India joins Brazil in cutting interest rates by more than expected.



30JUL 2019

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Infographic: A snapshot of the world economy

In this month's infographic we look at what is left in central banks' arsenals to tackle any future economic downturn.

17JUL 2019

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The only way is up for China’s economy

Chinese real GDP growth slowed to 6.2% year-on-year (y/y) in the second quarter, but the better data for June is an encouraging sign for activity in the third quarter.

12JUL 2019

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Emerging Markets: Cushioning the blow

Emerging markets (EM) have some advantages over their slower growing, low interest rate cousins in the developed world. Should a global slowdown arrive, they still have an arsenal of familiar weaponry to deploy.

10JUL 2019

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Where next for China A-shares?

The rise of China’s A-shares market is a theme that can’t be ignored. Here’s where we’re seeing opportunities in the country.

05JUL 2019

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The case for a core allocation to emerging market debt

Emerging markets have grown in prominence and now represent around 40% of global GDP, twice their level at the turn of the millennium.


21JUN 2019

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Why we’ve lowered our expectations for emerging markets growth

Craig Botham explains growth downgrades for Brazil and India for this year, and why Russia sees a slight upgrade.

06JUN 2019

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Trump targets Mexico, hits the Fed

We cannot be sure if Trump’s Mexican tariffs are just part of his bargaining strategy, but it may get him the Fed rate cut he wants.