27JUN 2017


60 seconds on sovereign bonds and environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Drawing on the experience of our investment teams we look at how they practically integrate ESG into their sovereign bond investments with three clear conclusions.

15JUN 2017


Sustainable Investment Report - Q1 2017

In this quarter's Sustainable Investment Report we focus on carbon and an investment model aimed at measuring the impact of rising carbon prices.

13JUN 2017


Advances in the field

Rising global temperatures make feeding the world more difficult, highlighting the significance of the fight against climate change.


30APR 2017


Cement's dominance no longer set in stone

Half of a building’s carbon emissions are emitted during construction. We look at how carbon pricing and new technology can reduce this major source of greenhouse gases.


30MAR 2017


Keeping your cool about global warming

The huge amount of power consumed by air conditioners means it is a major target for climate change efforts.


28FEB 2017


City smog is flipping the switch to electric vehicles

Climate change isn’t just about the weather, air pollution poses immediate and serious health problems. We look at how cities are trying to clear the air.

28FEB 2017


Oil companies - throwing cash into the wind?

Oil companies might seem an odd place to look for renewable energy investment, but oil majors are increasingly throwing their financial weight behind clean energy.

10FEB 2017


Which country leads the world in climate change?

The influence of the US in the fight against climate change may be fading, but China and Europe remain committed to carbon reduction targets.


31JAN 2017


Sustainable Investment Report - Q4 2016

Financial services have suffered from low trust and rising complaints. This quarter’s Sustainable Investment Report illustrates the pressures facing the industry from consumers and regulators, and what it may mean for the future.

30JAN 2017


Copper’s golden age?

As the world reduces its dependency on fossil fuels, its dependency on copper must rise.