U.S. Executive Order 13959 – Exposure to Communist Chinese Military Companies

Disclosure: U.S. Executive Order 13959 (“EO”) - Communist Chinese Military Companies

Following the issuance of U.S. Executive Order 13959 (“EO”) ( E.O. 13959) relating to Communist Chinese Military Companies (“CCMCs”) and related guidance issued by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) we have identified the issuers that at this time we regard as being subject to the EO.

We can confirm that we hold one or more direct and indirect investments in the securities of those issuers in the [Schroders managed] funds found here.

We will take the action that we believe appropriate and necessary having regard to the scope of, and timeframes in, the EO. We will continue to monitor for additions to the list of issuers subject to the EO and follow further guidance issued by OFAC. If you require further information please contact your Schroders representative or Contact Us.