Schroder GAIA

Schroder GAIA ActionEffective DateNotes
Paulson Merger Arbitrage Liquidation 06/04/2018 Shareholder letter
Conatus Equity Liquidation 13/10/2017 Shareholder letter
NGA Turnaround Change of investment policy 02/10/2017 Shareholder letter
BSP Credit Liquidation 15/09/2017 Shareholder letter
Indus PacifiChoice Change to the fund's investment policy. 01/09/2017 Shareholder letter
Two Sigma Diversified The fund has been hard closed to subscriptions and switches in. 17/02/2017 Shareholder letter
Cat Bond The fund has been hard closed to subscriptions and switches in. 28/02/2017 Shareholder letter
Sirios US Equity The dealing cut-off time will move from one day preceding a dealing day to on the dealing day 31/01/2017 Shareholder letter
KKR Credit Liquidation 16/08/2016 Shareholder letter
Global Macro Bond Liquidation of the Fund. 20/01/2016 Shareholder letter
KKR Credit Avoca Capital Management LLP was acquired by KKR & Co L.P. (“KKR”) on 19 February 2014 and has been renamed KKR Credit Advisors (UK) LLP on 30 September 2014. As a result of the acquisition, the name of the Fund has been changed to Schroder GAIA KKR Credit on19 February 2015. 19/02/2015  
QEP Global Absolute Investment objective change to remove the aim of providing income. Investment policy change to increase the maximum level of synthetic long and short positions from 100% to 200% of the fund's Net Asset Value 03/09/2012  
Sloane Robinson Fund closed 08/08/2012  
All Funds Introduction of Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and Supplementary Information Documents replacing Simplified Prospectuses and Fund Information pages 14/05/2012  
Egerton European Equity Fund name change to Egerton Equity & investment objective/policy change 01/02/2012  
Opus Multi Strategy Fund closed 31/01/2012  
Egerton European Equity Benchmark changed from FTSE World Series Europe Total Return to MSCI Europe Total Return Net (Local currencies) 31/08/2010  


Change to the Fund's Investment Policy