BlueOrchard: An investors’ guide to impact investing – 5 steps to create a positive impact

Today, BlueOrchard publishes An Investors’ Guide to Impact Investing – 5 Steps to Create a Positive Impact, as impact investing continues to accelerate at an exceptional pace.

BlueOrchard, a member of the Schroders Group, is a pioneer in microfinance and impact investing. With more than twenty years of experience in generating lasting positive impact for communities and the environment across the globe, whilst seeking to provide attractive returns to investors, it continues to contribute to the further growth of impact investing and the conscious use of capital.

We believe that impact investing is essential to solving some of the major global social and environmental challenges of our time.  As the strategy becomes more popular, the volume of concepts, definitions and overall questions continues to grow. 

To help make the complexities of this emerging asset class more accessible and widely understood, the ‘BlueOrchard Academy’ has developed an comprehensive impact investing primer to share the company’s two decades of experience at the intersection of finance and global development. 

This guide seeks to educate readers by helping them understand different approaches to impact investing and helping as well to identify the key questions to ask and answer in building an impact oriented portfolio, such as:

  • Which impact do I want to achieve?
  • What liquidity and risk profile am I looking for?
  • What is my geographical focus?
  • What is the adequate impact investing vehicle?
  • How do I measure the intended impact?

The goal is to share knowledge and provide a basic understanding of how to approach the market and better enable investors to find an impact strategy aligned with both their financial goals and personal values.

The guide report can be downloaded here.