News releases

Schroders marches with Pride

Schroders’ involvement with Pride Week is important to us because, whilst recent years have seen progress for LGBT+ individuals in other sectors, the investment & savings industry has historically lagged behind.

LGBT Great

LGBT Great is one organisation that is leading the way on creating a more diverse and inclusive investment & savings industry for LGBT+ individuals. Schroders wants to be an employer of choice within the industry and that includes - and necessitates - being an employer of choice for LGBT+ individuals. Our partnership with LGBT Great is one of the many ways that we are addressing the needs of LGBT+ individuals within Schroders and the wider industry.

We need to reflect the changing nature of our clients and wider society. Schroders sees diversity and inclusion as more than a corporate responsibility – it is clearly also a moral requirement and business imperative.

Our commitment for the next 5 years

Within the industry in the next 5 years we would like to see more organisations showing visible support for LGBT+ inclusion such as using highly-visible LGBT+ and ally Senior Executive role models who support LGBT+ issues and individuals.

This could be achieved through, for example, greater empowerment of individuals to be their true selves at work (e.g. through Pride marches), but also in tackling the next big steps such as Trans issues and working for wider acceptance globally.

Much has been achieved in the 50 years since the Stonewall riots, but the mission is far from complete.