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08NOV 2019

The alignment of Shariah and sustainable investing

There are more similarities between sustainable investing and Shariah investing than commonly realised. Why has one languished while the other soars?

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04NOV 2019



15OCT 2019


Does private equity really cause jobs losses?

Private equity has a mercenary reputation for asset stripping and job cutting as a matter of course. We don’t think this shows the whole picture.


27AUG 2019


How long will you live and what does it mean for your investments?

Latest life expectancy data shows that your money will need to last a lot longer than you might be thinking.


19JUN 2019

Thought Leadership

The case for a core allocation to emerging market debt

A commonly held, but misplaced, belief that emerging market debt is an obscure and risky outpost of the fixed income universe has resulted in its under-representation in many portfolios.


02MAY 2019

Thought Leadership

Miss it, miss out: the opportunity in Asian private equity

Nowhere else can match Asia's combination of scale and growth in the 21st century. Private equity has the keys to unlock this opportunity.


29APR 2019


Two common errors that investors make…and how to overcome them

Compounding and portfolio rebalancing could have helped investors overcome emotional urges during a turbulent six months for stock markets. Duncan Lamont explains.

24APR 2019


Which stock markets look ‘cheap’ after strong performances in the first quarter of 2019?

Following a dramatic rebound for stock markets in the first quarter of 2019, Duncan Lamont assesses how market valuations have been affected.


26FEB 2019

Thought Leadership

Weightlifting China - how big will it get?

In this paper we look at how investing in China stands currently and a number of possible ways that this might evolve over time.