Money laundering prevention

Money Laundering Prevention

Current Anti-Money Laundering legislation requires that Schroder Investment Management (Luxembourg) SA carries out certain due diligence in relation to the identity of investors and the origins of monies coming into the Funds.

Your initial application to subscribe for shares in Schroder International Selection Fund will only be accepted once Schroder Investment Management (Luxembourg) S.A. has received and accepted the documentation that it requests in relation to your application. The documentation that we ask you to submit may vary according to the country in which you are resident. Any costs incurred in obtaining this documentation will be borne by you. Please note that the share price may fluctuate over the period during which your application is being considered. No compensation will be payable to you as a result of any market movement during this period and the share price that you pay or receive will be the one that is valid when all due diligence requirements are satisfied.