Schroders Business Continuity and Incident Response Programme

The outbreak of Covid-19 is impacting all of us. It has understandably caused market disruption,
and made us worry about our family and friends.
I wanted to write to you to set out what we are doing at Schroders. Our clear commitment is
that we will continue to put our clients’ interests first. We will do all we possibly can to
communicate what is happening in markets and in your portfolios, and manage client
investments through uncertain times.
We are confident that our business is able to withstand the disruption we all face. We already
have robust contingency plans in place, including business continuity measures to maintain the
resilience of our business, and protect the health and safety of our clients, employees and
guests. We are fortunate to have an ownership structure and strong capital base
which enables us to take a truly long-term perspective and stay focused on our strategy and
delivering for clients, in any market environment.
All offices across our 35 locations globally are fully operational, with most of our employees
working remotely, in line with local government advice. They are fully equipped with secure
access to our systems, are following normal working hours, and keeping in regular contact with
clients and colleagues. We are continuing to closely monitor developments and follow the
advice of government agencies.
For many years, Schroders has been placing greater focus on workplace flexibility and has
invested in technologies to ensure our people can work remotely. We can say with conviction
that we firmly believe that these measures will not affect our ability to manage client portfolios,
and will enable us to continue providing you with the service you expect.
As ever, your contacts will be available on their usual email addresses and telephone numbers
during working hours.
We look forward to continuing to partner with you as we navigate Covid-19 and wish you and
your loved ones health and safety. 

Peter Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Schroders