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“Graduates are at the heart of our Company. With an innovative mindset and great agility, graduates play an important part in how we shape the future of our business. We need more of these young talents to take up the exciting challenges at Schroders and capture the opportunity to make a real impact on our business.”

Susan Soh
Co-Head of Asia Pacific

Hear what our Schroders Graduates have to say about the Programme!


“My time in Schroders has presented me with a multitude of opportunities to learn from different areas of the business – especially through collaborative work and engagements. I’ve been pushed above and beyond my limits to strive for continuous excellence to bring value to the teams that I work with. It brings me great joy to know that as a graduate trainee, I can make a difference to Schroders through the opportunities that I have been given. Schroders prides itself in inclusivity and recognition. In Schroders, your work will not go unrecognised as you will continuously be seen and noticed by its people. You can certainly take pride in the value you are able to bring to the business, and know that you are effecting a change through your efforts.”


Tasha Ng, Operations Innovation, Singapore


“What do I look for when choosing a company? Global presence, opportunities, diversity – these are commonly cited reasons by many and I do concur, but I think they are not all that matters. Employee care, in my opinion, is extremely crucial and even more so in such unprecedented times. Schroders is a firm that puts its people at the heart of its business and demonstrates excellence in employee care. That, together with the opportunities given through the Graduate Program have been great catalysts for me to develop the necessary skills to excel in my field. Hence, Schroders has without a doubt, been an obvious choice for me and I do hope that if you are considering a career in the finance industry, it will be the same for you too.”


Teo Shao Hong, Investment, Singapore


“The graduate programme has been more than fulfilling so far! As graduates, we get to learn about all parts of the business. For example, I got to learn in-depth about both front and back offices, about both business and technology fronts. I also got to experience what it means to be in a forward-thinking and ahead-of-the-curve company in financial services. As graduates, we are also able to leverage on extensive networks in our company and meet senior management.”


Pek Yun Ning, Technology, Singapore


“As a Schroders Graduate, there is an abundance of opportunities for us to grab. Being a Graduate offers us exposure to all corners of the business – as long as you’re willing to reach out of your comfort zone. Use each day as an opportunity to learn, to improve, and ultimately become the best version of yourself. Collaboration, teamwork and communication are crucial, in both the Assessment Centre and in any real-life situations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s how we learn and grow.”


Joven Lee, Investment Services, Singapore


"As a global company, there are multiple opportunities for cross-office collaboration and assignments. I have had the opportunity to be seconded to the London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo offices. I found these overseas assignments highly interesting and educational as I got to experience a different culture while learning about how each business tackles its unique commercial, regulatory and operational challenges."


Ng Li Ann, Compliance, Singapore


"I was given the chance to spearhead the chatbot project – SchrodersGO, working closely with the business stakeholders. This is the first solution of its kind not only within the organisation but also the industry. It led me to a conversation and discussion with the CEO, Peter Harrison. I feel very fortunate to be able to undertake such a unique proposition as a Graduate Trainee."


Yo Wee King, Global Technology, Singapore


"The best thing about the programme is the flexibility. As a Graduate Trainee, the company will support you across your career development, so when you feel like you need a change, there is always a way, and people will help you find it."


You Chenyun, Distribution, Hong Kong


"As a Graduate Trainee at Schroders, I had the opportunity to travel to London for a 5-week training and subsequently a 14-week rotation. The most exciting aspect of the programme, be it in Singapore or London, is the opportunity to influence decisions and make an impact on the business."


Yap Shien Tah, Human Resources, Singapore


"Schroders shows commitment to the society by organizing CSG events and investing responsibly (e.g. our ESG funds).  In Schroders, you will be surrounded by smart and amazing individuals who encourage you to grow and accept your ideas even through you are a junior. Training and mentoring programmes are also offered to Graduate Trainees to make sure you succeed."


Ronald Ng, Compliance, Hong Kong

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