Making An Impact

“Making An Impact” is a collaborative project between Schroders and Sport Singapore which aims to inspire awareness over how individual actions can contribute significantly and positively to sustainability.

Our hope is to encourage action and change within our community towards building a better, and more sustainable future – it all starts with one.

We invite you to join the conversation on social media by using #MakingAnImpact. Let’s make an impact for tomorrow, today.

Meet Our Athlete-Activists

We feature the stories of inspiring Team Singapore athletes who, despite their rigorous training schedules, also strive to make an impact on the world in their own unique ways.

Schroders is proud to collaborate with these athlete-activists as their values align with our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Score a try for zero food waste

National rugby player Azurah Khalid is a big believer in minimal and conscious living. Follow her journey as she shares her advocacy efforts for sustainable food consumption and production.

Speed up for equal opportunities

Sustainability isn’t just about environmentalism, people matter too! Hear from national speed skater Lucas Ng as he pushes for action to ensure every child is given equal access to a quality education.

Going the distance to challenge biases

Focus on abilities, not disabilities. National long jumper Suhairi Suhani shares his inspirational story as a role model and champion for persons with disabilities.

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