Schroder ISF Global Target Return

Year-round growth, whatever the weather

Designed for investors seeking stable, consistent returns in all market environments. Our innovative approach helps investors grow and preserve wealth to meet long-term financial goals like retirement, while delivering regular income to accommodate to more immediate needs.

Targeting a clear outcome

The fund’s strategy starts with an objective in mind, rather than an arbitrary benchmark or fixed strategic asset allocation:

USD Cash + 5%
Return Target



Source: Schroders, investment objectives are targets and not guaranteed. Return target over 3 years, before fees.

We believe that aligning the fund’s objectives with investor outcomes is an effective way to grow and protect wealth, even when markets are difficult or uncertain.

Embrace flexibility

Flexible, forward-looking asset allocation with the ability to invest across a global universe allows the fund to exploit opportunities in changing markets. This type of strategy can provide investors with returns similar to traditional balanced portfolios, but with less volatility and drawdowns.  

Risk is not volatility

Risk is not just volatility. Losing money and not meeting our objectives are more important considerations. We have the flexibility to significantly reduce or remove exposure to assets that are vulnerable to drawdowns, thus protecting the fund from significant losses.

How the fund can fit in your portfolio

Leave it to the experts

Asset allocation is typically the most important driver of an investor’s total return. Let an award-winning professional manager with an established track record in objective-based investing help you meet your outcomes.

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