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In an increasingly complex world where resource is often limited, pension scheme trustees and sponsors need to focus on what matters most: securing members’ benefits through a clearly defined funding plan.

We work in partnership with trustees to develop a straightforward, transparent and cost-effective strategy to take you through to full funding.

Our investment experts execute your strategy using a range of tools to manage funding level risk. Our funding level focused reporting ensures that trustees stay in control.

We work in partnership with trustees and sponsors through a simple four stage process:


Focus on the key decisions



Develop a tailored investment strategy to reach full funding, capturing opportunities to de-risk on the way



Effective implementation through a multi-layered approach to risk management

Flight Path Framework
Robust daily funding level monitoring mechanism to reduce funding level risk and capture funding gains over time


Liability Risk Management
Customised LDI solution to manage liability related risks

Diversification of return sources
Diversified portfolio with a balanced allocation to a range of return drivers

Opportunity capture
Growth portfolio allocation changes over time to reflect latest views

Downside risk management
Systematic de-risking to manage total portfolio risk in extreme markets


Review and Adapt

Comprehensive reporting to ensure trustees understand the outcome they have experienced and can assess how the plan is working.

At Schroders, we have a long history of working with trustees and sponsors to translate their objectives into action. We act as a trusted partner to our clients, providing the key elements necessary for success:

At Schroders we provide solutions for all pension schemes, but we recognise that smaller pension schemes may have different needs. Contact us to discuss which of our tailored investment strategies would be best suited to your scheme size and its objectives.

Our specialist Fiduciary Management team has a wealth of experience and expertise in designing and implementing investment strategies for clients:

  • The Fiduciary Management team consists of actuarial, fiduciary management and investment consulting expertise
  • The team has access to a wide variety of strategies in LDI, multi-asset, alternatives, equity and fixed income investment management
  • Comprehensive support from Schroders in-house legal, transitions and risk management specialists

Please contact members of our team at fiduciarymanagementteam@schroders.com if you have any questions.

Hannah Simons
Head of 
Fiduciary Management

Rosalind Mann
Fiduciary Manager


Sophie Dapin


Tom Binks
Fiduciary Manager