11OCT 2019
9:00 am

Schroders Auditorium
1 London Wall Place LondonEC2Y 5AU

Schroders Trustee Training 2019 - London Part 1 (Autumn)

This event has ended


At Schroders, we understand the responsibilities of being a pension scheme trustee.  Maintaining your investment knowledge and how that applies to your pension scheme is critical to scheme health and ultimately its capacity to pay benefits.  To help you maintain and enhance your investment knowledge, we host a  comprehensive trustee training programme with sessions in London and cities across the UK.

The programme is designed to equip trustees with knowledge in the planning of scheme investment strategy and its implementation across both growth and liability matching strategies.

Part 1 focuses on pension management. Click here for the agenda

Date and Venue

11OCT 2019

Schroders Auditorium

1 London Wall Place London , EC2Y 5AU