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"Our focus on Winning Cities in the UK offers a competitive advantage in terms of higher levels of GDP, employment and population growth to deliver long-term sustainable income and capital growth."

Responsible Investment is integral to how Schroder Real Estate manages its investments. The Board and the Investment Manager believe that by understanding and managing the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations we can generate better long term returns for our clients, contribute to our tenants’ business performance and create tangible benefits to the communities in which they are located.

Sustainability and Impact considerations

We consider a broad and ever expanding range of sustainability and impact related topics recognising social and environmental change. Our Sustainability Framework requires us to continually critique and evolve our approach.

Sustainability and Impact are integral to each lifecycle stage

We assess opportunities and risks for our assets to support positive outcomes across our Impact Pillars together with investment resilience for the long term.

Our Impact Pillars





Schroders participates in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark “GRESB” which is the global standard for real estate funds and companies. SREIT achieved a Green Star in the 2019 GRESB survey and an EPRA Best Practice Sustainability Reporting Gold Award for the year end annual report and accounts. SREIT was also a finalist for the UK Edie Sustainability Awards Energy Efficiency category.

Schroder Real Estate has signed up to the Better Building Partnership Climate Change Commitment to deliver net zero carbon real estate portfolios by 2050.


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 Source: logo images sourced from Edie, European Public Real Estate, and GRESB. 

SREIT Annual Sustainability Report

Real Estate Sustainability Policy

Sustainability case studies


City Tower, Manchester

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Headingley Central, Leeds

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What are the risks?

Investments in real estate are relatively illiquid and more difficult to realise than equities or bonds.

Yields may vary and are not guaranteed.

The use of gearing is likely to lead to volatility in the Net Asset Value ("NAV") meaning that a relatively small movement either down or up in the value of the Company's total assets will result in a magnified movement in the same direction of that NAV.

There is no guarantee that the market price of shares in a UK Real Estate Investment Trust such as SREIT will fully reflect their underlying NAV.

The value of real estate is a matter of a valuer's opinion rather than fact.

This UK Real Estate Investment Trust should be considered only as part of a balanced portfolio, of which it should not form a disproportionate part.

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