13JUL 2018

Infographic: A view of the global economy in July 2018

In this month's infographic we focus on the potential fallout of Trump's threatened trade tariffs on imports and what countries might do to counteract them.


06JUL 2018


04JUL 2018

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22JUN 2018


Two years on: how Brexit has affected the UK economy

Senior Economist Azad Zangana assesses the true impact of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

22JUN 2018


Brexit vote two years on: are we heading for a hard Brexit?

Economist Azad Zangana looks at the significant events in the two years since the UK set out on the road to Brexit and what might come next.

18JUN 2018


Can the UK economy cope with sustained house price falls?

Brexit has been blamed for undermining property demand. If momentum builds, house price falls may be hard to reverse, says economist Azad Zangana

15JUN 2018


Infographic: A view of the global economy in June 2018

In this month's infographic we look at whether we have reached a turning point for the global economy.

12JUN 2018


Which countries are most at risk from a trade war? Five questions answered

Rising tensions between the US and China could spark a full-blown trade war. What would that mean for stockmarkets and how might it affect consumer prices? Economist Craig Botham answers key questions


15MAY 2018


Infographic: A view of the global economy in May 2018

We look at the potential trade war between China and the US, who else could be affected and what the likely outcome might be.

10MAY 2018


Bank of England pauses hikes, awaiting more clarity

The market now shares our view that the next UK rate rise will be in November.