Emerging Markets


Thought Leadership

03JUL 2019

The case for global small company investing in an era of disruption

The theme of disruption is having a profound effect on how we live and how we invest. There are three factors which we think mean small caps are potentially the best way to tap into the theme.



12MAR 2019

Thought Leadership

A new approach to investing in emerging markets

Gavin Ralston and Kristjan Mee propose a new way of investing in emerging markets to benefit from the opening up of China’s capital markets

05MAR 2019

Thought Leadership

Developments in China’s balance of payments and implications for the RMB

Craig Botham and Kristjan Mee examine key developments in China’s balance of payments, and what they mean for investors.


26FEB 2019

Thought Leadership

Weightlifting China - how big will it get?

In this paper we look at how investing in China stands currently and a number of possible ways that this might evolve over time.



04DEC 2018

Thought Leadership

The emerging market convergence question

The idea of convergence is a powerful one for many emerging markets investors. But what is it? Why should it happen? What does history tell us about it?


23AUG 2018

Thought Leadership

What it takes to be promoted to emerging market status

We highlight the disconnect between an index provider’s definition of emerging markets and what investors think they are getting.


24JUL 2018

Thought Leadership

Why investors are wrong about the role of the dollar

A new theory about the US dollar is challenging the way economists and markets think about currencies. It has particularly important implications for emerging market asset classes.