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An introduction to (SREF) Schroder Real Estate Fund

Changes to Management Fee Structure

We are pleased to announce changes to the Schroder UK Real Estate Fund’s and Schroder UK Real Estate Fund Feeder Trust’s (collectively, “SREF” or “the Fund”) management fee structure to provide investors with the potential for economies of scale.  The changes will take effect no later than the end of Q2 2021. SREF’s fee structure is currently a universal rate of 0.70% per annum on Net Asset Value (“NAV”). From June 2021, the Fund will adopt a tiered fee structure, offering incremental discounts on investors’ NAV above threshold amounts. Investors’ overall fee rate will reflect the weighted average of charges based on the amount of capital in each tier. No further action is required by investors at this stage and Schroders will bear the costs of implementing these changes for our investors.

Please refer to the full announcement here for full details.