Kevin Murphy

Fund Manager, Equity Value

Kevin also writes for the team's Value Perspective blog. Follow the team @Thevalueteam



12NOV 2019

Value’s darkest days have tended to precede periods of extreme light

Past performance history clearly tells us nothing about the future but, when you have a quarter of a century of audited and digitised data, it can certainly raise some interesting ideas



12SEP 2019


The highs and lows of how the word ‘average’ is used

We hear a lot about the ‘average’ person, family or household – and will hear a lot more as and when the UK next has a general election – but it is always worth considering just what people mean by the word

10SEP 2019


The only word we might change in our immediate post-Brexit analysis

Three years and three months on from penning our immediate reaction to the Brexit referendum result, would we change a single word? Well, maybe just the one …


02AUG 2019


Value investing will survive Fortnite – and other tech disruptors

Technology may be gearing up to be as disruptive to the world of games-playing as it is to so much else but that does not mean professional sportspeople – or investors – should be giving up on what they do best


30JUL 2019


A lesson in the realities of ESG – from reality TV

A business may be the equivalent of the most-watched TV show in the world but, if our process suggests it is too risky in environmental, social and governance or ‘ESG’ terms, we will reach for the remote

18JUL 2019


Why value still matters hugely in this growth-obsessed world

Those who write off value off as an investment strategy are effectively saying investors should at no point care what return they are making on a company – and surely that cannot be the case

16JUL 2019


Value investing dead? Four reasons why that just isn’t the case

Growth investing has outperformed value for such a sustained period of time there is a growing body of opinion that value as an investment strategy may be ‘dead’. Here are four reasons that view is wrong

02JUL 2019


‘Sorry’ should not be the hardest word for investors

Investment mistakes can be tough to identify but that should not stop professional investors from trying, from learning from those errors they do make or from acknowledging to their clients that they happened