Kevin Murphy

Fund Manager, Equity Value

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18JUL 2019

Why value still matters hugely in this growth-obsessed world

Those who write off value off as an investment strategy are effectively saying investors should at no point care what return they are making on a company – and surely that cannot be the case



04JUN 2019


Why some pictures are worth nothing at all

Charts can be a fantastic way of conveying financial information but, since not all will be clear, accurate and/or fair, investors do need to be careful about taking them at face value

03JUN 2019


Why ESG matters in value investing

It’s not just the E of ESG that matters – for value investors the S and G are vitally important.


29MAR 2019


Why value investors should care – but in a focused way

It goes without saying we care about Brexit politically, socially, societally and personally, here on The Value Perspective – but how much should we care as investors?

05MAR 2019


AI’s success story still has a few missing chapters

Businesses priced for success on the back of advances in technology are by no means the ‘no-brainer’ opportunities the steady flow of media stories cataloguing each and every AI success might suggest


12FEB 2019


Why you should, frankly, give a dam about company balance sheets

When we analyse a business, we want to ensure it is as much protected from bad news as is possible – in effect that its balance sheet is able to act as a dam against inevitable periods of market turbulence


22JAN 2019


This is how the AI crumbles

At a time when so many businesses are looking to integrate artificial intelligence into their processes, we would do well to remember its present limitations – as illustrated by one foray into the world of cookies



09NOV 2018


Expensive businesses + high debt = cause for concern

Expensive businesses with above-average debt are rarely the ingredients from which to make a successful long-term investment and yet that is just the combination that have been leading the US bull market