Our most read stories of 2017: Alan Shearer leads the 'Value First XI'

A look at the stories you've read most in 2017.


The Value Perspective team

Over the last 12 months, subjects for discussion have again roamed far and wide, here on The Value Perspective, from Alan Shearer to Game of Thrones, bitcoin to medieval justice – and that’s just from the stories that made our most-read list of 2017…


11. House prices outside London are fair-value

In July, we questioned whether the correct data was being used to establish house price affordability and if that meant house prices were indeed overpriced. Read more here


10. Car financing continues to speed down a dangerous road

In September, as we hit the 10th anniversary of the first clear signs of the global financial crisis, further rises in sub-prime car financing loans illustrated how, in matters of money, the human memory can be very short indeed. Read more here


9. Is this the reason so many active funds underperformed in 2016?

Many commentators attributed the underperformance of nine out of 10 active UK equity funds in 2016 to their managers misjudging political events but in May we suggested another explanation – their tilt to growth stocks. Read more here


8. The chart that could keep investors in ‘low-risk’ stocks awake at night

For years it has been an undisputed fact of investment that people tend to prefer having big-name brands in their kitchens, bathrooms and elsewhere – yet, as we pointed out in June, this could now be changing. Read more here


7. ‘Hot iron’ trial by ordeal: a 13th Century lesson for investors

In this history lesson from last January we drew parallels between trial by ordeal – the painful, often lethal, way of determining someone’s guilt or innocence in the Middle Ages – and value investing. Read more here


6. Seatbelt laws created a new danger – which offers a lesson to investors

Australia was first to enact seatbelt legislation in 1970, creating some unexpected results that, as we wrote in April, underline an important point for investors about risk. Read more here


5. How tobacco stocks could now be damaging to your wealth

In August we explained that when stocks become ‘priced for perfection’, as tobacco businesses now have, even relatively mundane pieces of negative news can have a significant effect on share prices. Read more here


4. Bitcoin – mouth-watering prospect or eye-watering valuation?

Regardless of whether bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are a potential bubble, we wrote in June that the sort of behaviour we have been seeing in much of that market is more akin to speculation than investment. Read more here


3. If bitcoin isn’t a bubble, it’s a spookily good impression

More bitcoin from October, when we argued our chart comparing its price movements with a classic market bubble should be enough to test the ‘leap of faith’ being taken by the herds of investors entering the cryptocurrency market. Read more here


2. Why ‘winter is coming’ for overvalued growth stocks

The immediate prospects of any investment may be as uncertain as those of a Game of Thrones character but, as we warned in August, there is no doubt that, as their valuations rise, even stable businesses can become dangerous to own. Read more here


1. What Alan Shearer has to teach us about inflation

The transfer fees football clubs are willing to pay nowadays may have you shaking your head in disbelief but, as we explained in July, we have a similar reaction when we see people seemingly unmoved by what inflation does to their cash. Read more here


The Value Perspective team

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