Buy - sell discipline



14MAY 2019

The three reasons value investors will sell a share

Professional investors can be surprisingly unstructured about why they sell their shareholdings – and yet a disciplined process is every bit as important here as on the buying side of the investment equation



30NOV 2018


Why are people apparently giving up on a basic rule of investing?

For years, spreading your money across different assets has been a founding principle of investing and yet many investors now seem comfortable to cluster in just one area of the market


31OCT 2018


This Halloween, investors should remember – fear is always the key

Emotion can play a huge part in investment and investment returns so, this Halloween – and every other day of the year – investors should remember that what they most have to fear is fear itself

11OCT 2018


The one-word secret of the greatest investor you’ve never heard of

After seven very successful decades managing money, one of Warren Buffett’s heroes concluded that the secret of long-term investing could be summed up in a single word

04OCT 2018


Why patience is a virtue in table-tennis and investment

In common with one of the most successful players in women’s table tennis, we know that a highly disciplined and patient approach is crucial to achieving success in what we do


17JUL 2018


What makes us want to buy into a business?

Of the hundreds of businesses we have analysed over the last 12 months, only a dozen or so have ended up making it into our portfolios. Here we explain how we decided one stock had made the grade


21JUN 2018


Is ‘off-peaking’ a millennial take on value investing?

As the UK’s millennials strive to make their money go further, a new trend is beginning to emerge that bears more than a passing resemblance to the basics of value investing


15MAY 2018


The value investing guide to keeping calm and carrying on

When markets turn against them, value investors can fall back on a set of disciplines that should assist a calmer discussion of the situation and a cooler analysis of what to do – and not to do – next