12NOV 2019

Value’s darkest days have tended to precede periods of extreme light

Past performance history clearly tells us nothing about the future but, when you have a quarter of a century of audited and digitised data, it can certainly raise some interesting ideas



26APR 2019


One big question you should answer before investing in an ISA

A new tax year means a clean slate for the UK’s millions of ISA investors and yet arguably the great majority are continuing to fail to make the most of the opportunity


14FEB 2019


Fyre alert – value lessons from a doomed music festival

A number of investment lessons can be taken from Netflix’s new documentary about a tech entrepreneur’s ambitious attempts to stage a luxury music festival on a tropical island



29NOV 2018


Five things good parenting and good investing have in common

New and impending arrivals on The Value Perspective team – at home rather than at work – have prompted some discussion on the similarities between good parenting and good investing

12NOV 2018


Company visits: why investors don't need to meet

There are two significant arguments why investors should not meet with company executives simply as a matter of course – not only will you not hear anything new, you cannot be 100% sure of everything you see


18OCT 2018


Banksy’s shredded evidence differentiating investment from speculation

The words ‘investment’ and ‘speculation’ are often used interchangeably but they do have subtly different meanings – as this visit to the world of contemporary art should illustrate


17JUL 2018


What makes us want to buy into a business?

Of the hundreds of businesses we have analysed over the last 12 months, only a dozen or so have ended up making it into our portfolios. Here we explain how we decided one stock had made the grade


03APR 2018


Before investing in an ISA ask yourself this question

The headline figures suggest ISAs have been a hugely popular innovation for consumers looking to save for the future – but are people really making the most of them? Here on The Value Perspective, we fear not