12NOV 2019

Value’s darkest days have tended to precede periods of extreme light

Past performance history clearly tells us nothing about the future but, when you have a quarter of a century of audited and digitised data, it can certainly raise some interesting ideas



06DEC 2018


Investment things that make you go ‘Hmmm …’

Increasingly, stories in the financial press contain facts and statistics the wider market apparently thinks are completely reasonable but only put us in mind of a Top 10 hit from almost three decades ago


14JUN 2018


Why compounding should be the goal for all investors

As the 2018 World Cup kicks off, it seems only fitting to use a football example to illustrate the extraordinary power compounding can bring to an investment portfolio


22MAY 2018


How a longer-term view can offer investors some perspective

The opening months of 2018 may have felt distinctly uncomfortable for investors and yet those prepared to take a longer-term view will be better placed to see not so much has changed since the end of last year

08MAY 2018


What investors can learn from the controversial 2015 Super Bowl

In highly uncertain fields such as sport and investment, you need to make peace with the idea that good decisions made on the best available evidence can still lead to poor outcomes


03APR 2018


Before investing in an ISA ask yourself this question

The headline figures suggest ISAs have been a hugely popular innovation for consumers looking to save for the future – but are people really making the most of them? Here on The Value Perspective, we fear not


23MAR 2018


Never base any investment decision on a single month of data

Focusing on a single year of fund performance is bad enough so be very wary of anybody claiming to be able to draw meaningful conclusions from just one month of data



05OCT 2017


Why a value investment should be your portfolio’s special ingredient

More than one hundred years of history suggests that, even if value investing is not completely to your taste, it should at least be a part of your portfolio mix