07JUL 2017

Global Market Perspective

Q3 2017

In the latest economic and asset allocation views covering Q3 2017 we ask if investors have become complacent, review mid-year markets and look at the historical market impact of presidential impeachments.


30JUN 2017


How the FTSE 100 has changed over 33 years

As the FTSE 100 undergoes another quarterly change, we look back at what happened to the iconic names of yesteryear – and why it’s important for investors to understand the transformation.

27JUN 2017


In praise of activist investors

Agitators are far from perfect, but they can play key role in spurring long-term thinking.

22JUN 2017


Fourth time lucky: MSCI to include China A-shares

China A-shares have been included in MSCI indices. It is another step forward for China’s markets. We look at how investors can make the most of it.

20JUN 2017

Economic Views

Investment Horizons - Spring 2017

We are pleased to offer Investment Horizons, our perennial compilation of research articles inspired by our global client engagements. This edition focuses on change. As you may have noticed, this brochure is in our new brand: one that we think is sharper, quicker, clearer – a refl ection of our commitment to acclimate to the world in which we do business.

16JUN 2017


Is it time to focus on capital preservation, rather than capital growth?

We look at the challenge and importance of emphasising capital preservation over capital growth as market risks build.

16JUN 2017


14 years of returns: history’s lesson for investors

This graphic shows the best and worst performing assets each year since 2003 and illustrates why diversifying your investments matters.

14JUN 2017


Does low volatility mean a shock lies in store for investors?

The Vix ‘fear index is near to record lows. We look at what has happened before when markets have been eerily calm.

13JUN 2017

Economic Views

The impact of presidential impeachment on markets

Craig Botham looks at historical examples of presidential impeachments to assess the impact on equity and bond markets.

09JUN 2017


UK election result: what it means for Brexit and markets

Theresa May has formed a new government. Our experts explain the implications for the economy, markets and Brexit.