11MAY 2017


A political checklist for stockmarket investors

Brexit, Trump and European elections all had the potential to cause chaos in the stockmarket. Yet investors have remained calm. What next?

09MAY 2017


60 seconds on Macron's market impact

The prospects for European equities have become significantly rosier since the weekend.

08MAY 2017


Macron victory marks market-friendly French election outcome

Macron’s reform agenda should be positive for economic growth in France. As political risk falls, investors can now turn their focus to the corporate earnings recovery.

02MAY 2017


How does the FTSE 100 perform before elections?

Data shows that markets tend to rise in the lead-up to elections when there is a degree of confidence about who the likely winner will be.


27APR 2017


Trump’s first 100 days: how markets have performed

Has the “Trump bump” come to an end? We set out the performance of stockmarkets, currencies and bonds.

27APR 2017


How shares with low yields may pay the most income

High yielding stocks may satisfy the need for income in the short-term, but the numbers show how dividend growers can outperform in the long term.

25APR 2017


What a Macron victory would mean for Europe’s economy and equities

How would a Macron presidency in France affect equities, the ECB, Brexit negotiations, and more? At our latest Schroders Live event Keith Wade and Martin Skanberg discussed some of the big issues facing Europe and its markets right now.

24APR 2017

Economic Views

Investors buoyed as Macron edges Le Pen in French election

Emmanuel Macron’s small lead ahead of the presidential run-off makes him favourite to become France’s next President.

18APR 2017

Economic Views

Shock UK election call could strengthen May's Brexit hand

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a snap general election could bolster her negotiating position with the EU and within her own party. This may potentially lead to a "softer" Brexit.