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27AGO. 2019

Investing ‘IQ test’ reveals the traits that could limit returns

Investors globally suffer from an ambiguity bias which can prevent them from taking risks with their investments and potentially lower their returns, Schroders investIQ test found.

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15AGO. 2019



01JUL. 2019

Estudio Global de Inversión

Las expectativas de rentabilidad de los inversores se sitúan en el 10,7%, aunque los millennials esperan más

Los inversores son extremadamente optimistas en cuanto a la rentabilidad que obtendrán en los próximos años.


21JUN. 2019

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Brexit three years on: markets and the economy in six charts

It’s been three years since the UK voted to leave the EU. We look at what’s happened to the economy and markets, and what’s next for investors.


31MAY. 2019

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¿Puede una cartera 60/40 dar mejores resultados?

Los asesores financieros y los inversores llevan décadas siguiendo la regla 60/40 y los cálculos de Schroders demuestran el motivo, pero... ¿es el fin de una era?

01MAY. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Can a 60/40 split portfolio deliver better outcomes?

For decades financial planners and investors have abided by the 60/40 rule and calculations made by Schroders illustrate why, but has it had its time?


29MAR. 2019

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The chart that tells the story of value investing’s potential

Value stocks are currently the most out of favour in the history of financial records. Is now the time for value to make its comeback?

19MAR. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

14 years of returns: history’s lesson for investors

This graphic shows the best and worst performing assets each year since 2005. Schroders research illustrates why diversifying your investments matters.

12MAR. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Countdown to Brexit: three market indicators to watch

With Brexit uncertainty affecting UK assets, we offer a basic explanation on three market indicators that investors might like to discuss with their adviser.