Outlooks 2017



25JAN 2017

Outlook 2017: Emerging market debt relative

2017 may prove a challenging year with consensus expecting a firm US dollar; however any change to this view could see a considerable rally and fundamentals for many emerging markets have improved.


23DEC 2016



22DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: Greater China equities

Despite policy uncertainty, the region still offers promising long-term opportunities.

20DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: Emerging market debt (absolute return)

In the challenging bond environment of 2017, selected local currency government bonds could offer the best opportunities to generate attractive returns within the asset class. An investment approach combining flexibility, selectivity and downside protection, however, is crucial.

19DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: Asia ex Japan equities

Select long-term opportunities are still present in the region as we prepare to "expect the unexpected" in 2017.

16DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: Emerging market equities

The outlook for emerging markets is positive but uncertain global politics will potentially increase market volatility.

16DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: European commercial real estate

Individual cities, rather than countries, should be the focus for commercial real estate investing in 2017.

14DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: Asian bonds

Volatility in bond markets should also open up opportunities in 2017, particularly in Asia.

13DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: UK equities (business cycle)

We remain in the slowdown phase of an extended business cycle, but the unexpected events of 2016 have prompted us to take a slightly more balanced view of the end of this cycle.