Climate change: redefining the risks

Climate change will be a defining theme in the global economy, industry and financial markets. We are concerned that our industry has focused more on urging action and marketing products than on developing robust analysis and risk management. We introduce Carbon VaR as a new tool to quantify and manage climate risks.

Earlier this year, we published the Climate Progress Dashboard, a new approach to measuring the pace of progress in mitigating the extent and impact of climate change. While the dashboard can help investors determine the current status and direction of climate action, it tells us a little about how to manage risks for a portfolio or individual stocks. Standard analysis includes carbon footprints and fossil fuel exposure, but these measures are too implistic to analyze the complexities of climate change properly. Alongside the Dashboard, we have therefore developed a number of other analytical tools. Carbon Value at Risk (Carbon VaR) is a major advance in helping investors measure the threat to their individual portfolios.


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