60 seconds with Marcus Brookes on Clinton versus Trump

In the US election there are two very different characters who will bring very different policies to the White House.

Clinton: the establishment figure

On one hand, we’ve got Hillary Clinton, who is very much the "establishment" figure. She’s a Democrat and she’s well-known to be a fiscal conservative. So, those expecting to see helicopter money in the US might need to lower their expectations.

She’s also known to be a foreign policy hawk, so US involvement in places like the Middle East is likely to continue under a Clinton administration.

Her views on healthcare are well-known; she thinks it’s far too expensive so maybe people should keep an eye on healthcare stocks in the event of a Clinton victory.

Trump: the unknown

On the other hand, there is far less known about what a Donald Trump presidency might mean.

In terms of his policy, we all know about “the Wall” and we know that he wants to spend an awful lot more on defence; about $90 billion more per annum.

We also know he’s talking about a very, very big fiscal easing. This could be very stimulatory to the US economy and therefore the US stockmarket could really take off on the back of that.

Ultimately it all comes down to the will of the electorate, but who wins could be a crucial factor for people’s investment portfolios.