Private Assets

10JUN 2019


What's the opportunity in retirement living?

We look at the investment case behind retirement living communities in the UK against a backdrop of low yields in global commercial real estate.

06JUN 2019


Checking out the value in owner-operated hotels

While yields have compressed in the wider hotel market, the European owner-operator segment still offers considerable value, not least because of this area’s attractive yield premium.

05JUN 2019


Aiming for the winning cities

Real estate remains an attractive asset class for long term investors, even more when focusing on fast growing urban areas

03JUN 2019


Private Equity remains attractive

For most investors, investing in private companies remains the most popular way to add private asset exposure to their portfolio.

03JUN 2019


Why we see value in UK social supported housing

With yields in global commercial real estate at all time lows, investors are looking for areas that still offer value. We discuss the compelling opportunities in UK social supported housing.


24MAY 2019

Thought Leadership

An introduction to securitisation: a diverse opportunity set offering attractive excess return potential

Securitisation can be seen as highly technical, niche and (post-2008) perceived as risky, but its highly diverse range of opportunities can bring significant benefits to a portfolio.

14MAY 2019

Thought Leadership

Sink or swim – how less liquid assets could buoy portfolio returns

With public equity markets trading close to all-time highs and low yields available from bonds, interest in private assets like infrastructure and private equity has risen.

08MAY 2019


London takes second place in Schroders Global Cities 30 index despite Brexit uncertainty

Since 2016, the UK’s capital city has risen from eighth to second in the rankings driven by positive employment conditions feeding income growth.

02MAY 2019

Thought Leadership

Miss it, miss out: the opportunity in Asian private equity

Nowhere else can match Asia's combination of scale and growth in the 21st century. Private equity has the keys to unlock this opportunity.