Sustainable Investment Team

01OCT 2018


Is this the first concrete solution for renewable energy storage?

We look at the difficulties of storing renewable energy: essential if the uptake of low-carbon alternatives is to gather pace.


29AUG 2018


Earth Overshoot Day: Living far beyond our planet's means

Earth Overshoot Day - when global consumption of natural resources exceeds the planet’s bio-capacity - has come earlier than ever in 2018

17AUG 2018


Cyber-risk: how investors can prepare for the unpredictable

Cyber crime continues to create significant costs for companies globally, but understanding the risk means going beyond a formulaic assessment of policies.


17JUL 2018


Climate Progress Dashboard: Marking progress one year on

One year after Schroders launched the Climate Progress Dashboard, we take a look at the advances made in curbing global temperature rises.

16JUL 2018


Creating the language of sustainable finance

The EU is creating a common language - or taxonomy - to discuss climate change matters in business.

16JUL 2018


Infographic: Sustainability report Q2 2018

In this quarter's infographic we focus on the battle against plastic and the overlooked physical risks of climate change.


13JUN 2018


“Peak Policy” - are politicians running out of steam in tackling climate change?

We assess whether policy's impact on climate change is beginning to wane.


11MAY 2018


Bumps in the road for electric vehicles but long-term drivers intact

The long-term prospects for electric vehicle (EV) growth remain undimmed, but global EV adoption is unlikely to occur in straight lines.


25APR 2018


Climate Progress Dashboard update: EU reforms reduce global temperature rises

Higher carbon prices in Europe have helped slow the expected pace of global warming, but there is a lot further to go, Schroders' Climate Progress Dashboard calculates.

13APR 2018


How prepared are car makers for an auto loans crisis?

With concerns growing about lending practices, Schroders’ sustainability team shares its analysis on how car makers are coping with the emerging threats - and opportunities